Our Story


Smoke Signal Creative is a limited service creative shop founded by Josh Burlette. As a marketing copywriter with over a decade of freelancing experience, Josh specializes in brand storytelling. 

Like a smoke signal, the elements of storytelling are primal. Every piece of content we create at Smoke Signal Creative is a call to gather around the “fire” for a shared moment.


Stories were traditionally told around a fire. Even in 2021, some of life’s best moments are shared around the warm glow of dancing flames. 

However, most of our stories are experienced in digital form on our phones, tablets, and occasionally, as an escape from work on our desktops. 


Josh started work on the concept for Smoke Signal Creative several years ago. After many years of work, his vision is now reality. 


Situated in the scenic Stone Valley of the Green Mountain State, Smoke Signal Creative provides plenty of opportunity to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, while still being in close proximity to major cities throughout the Northeast. 

Vermont offers a vibrant lifestyle to keep the creative spark ignited. 


Through his experience as a freelance copywriter, Josh noticed a trend throughout the industry. Too many businesses were treating their marketing copy as an afterthought. Worse yet, many marketing firms were satisfied with providing cookie-cutter content to their clients. 

Josh started Smoke Signal Creative as an alternative. Each piece of content crafted by Smoke Signal Creative builds brand, creates loyalty, and allows enthusiasts to tell their stories. The end result is a strong customer connection with your brand.


Smoke Signal Creative partners with businesses, organizations, and individuals to provide creative marketing collateral. 

Carefully crafted words, imagery, and sounds combine to create effective marketing content.

We all have a story to tell. What’s yours?